More Information about Submissions

We provide a number of resources for and about the Trans / Gender Diverse community. We want to assure you that the information that you provide will help us highlight and validate the services we share on our website.

The information you share with us is going to a Trans / Gender Diverse community ally who wants to hear about the services you provide, or about your experience with a provider, in the hopes of informing other members of the community that are in need. We want to present the best resources and support available to the Trans / Gender Diverse populations – not just in Eugene and Springfield, but in all of Oregon.

Your submission will be reviewed by one of our volunteers and verified by members of the TransPonder team before they are posted on the site. None of your private information will be shared.

Our goal is to point people in the right direction when it comes to referring members of the community to the best service providers available.

Please know that your input is important to us, and to others in the Trans / Gender Diverse community.