COVID Updates

COVID-19 Statement

Beloved Community,

We are with you.

We know that the most valuable resources that TransPonder provides involve opportunities to gather together and share community, resources, and connection.

We are committed to creating avenues where this can still happen.

We will be moving as many community support and social groups online as we can (dependent on facilitator availability) through the Zoom platform. We will do this until further notice.

We have a trans and gender diverse only email/list serve and a private Facebook group to connect with other trans and gender diverse people. We also have an allies email list and an allies FB group. Please email to be added to either email list serve and to be added to the hidden FB group.

We will be posting valuable resources online regarding services, rights, and relief, so please stay tuned to our Facebook page: Click HERE.

We are incredibly resilient, and we are disproportionately impacted. We are all holding a lot right now. We are here to weather this storm together.


The TransPonder Team


Please see our website for our current programs and resources, under ‘programs’ and ‘resources’ in our top menu.


Our support groups and weekly clubs/classes are all FREE and online.

TransPonder won’t be offering these events any time soon: Social Hour, We/Us/Ours Happy Hour, or our Sober Social.

click here for our current events