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The board of TransPonder is excited to announce we’re hiring an executive director for TransPonder. The details of the hiring process can be found on this page, which will be updated as the process continues.

Hiring Process

The board has met these dates to discuss the position. Their major goals were to establish a need for this position and write a job description in a way that would allow people from many backgrounds to qualify.

      • Initial meeting on 11/17/20
      • Follow-up meeting on 12/5/20
      • Follow-up meeting on 1/10/21
      • Board engaged TBIPOC consultant to assist with ED search on 2/5/21
      • Board call with TBIPOC consultant on 2/19/21
      • Application review 4/1/21–4/8/21
      • Decision/invitation to interview communications sent to applicants 5/7/21
      • Interview panel preparation, facilitated by TBIPOC consultant on 4/13/21
      • Panel 1 interviews initiated 4/22/21 and completed 4/30/21
      • Decision/invitation to progress in interview process sent to applicants 5/7/21
      • Panel 2 interview preparation, facilitated by TBIPOC consultant on 5/13/21
      • Panel 2 interviews initiated 5/24/21 & completed 5/31/21
      • Final decision & discussion meeting, facilitated by TBIPOC consultant 6/3/21
      • ED search process review & feedback meeting 6/25/21

Hire Date

Kyle Rodriguez-Hudson was identified as the new ED in mid June and was announced as the new executive director on 7/1/21.

His start date was 7/1/21.

Application Process

The application was posted on 2/15/21 to our website and on Mac’s List.

Close Date

We stopped taking applications on 3/31/21.


The interview process included multiple interview panels where applicants were interviewed by TransPonder staff, the board, advisors, and community members.

Community Involvement

Community Feedback Survey

TransPonder created a community survey to gather feedback from the community on what desired personal and professional characteristics they would like to see in a new Executive Director, and what skills they would like them to have. This survey went live on 1/24/21 and closed 3/31/21. The feedback survey was provided to our TBIPOC consultant who was charged with coaching and preparing the interview panel and hiring committee to best represent our widely diverse community in the most inclusive manner.

Community Interview Panel

The community interview panel will be made up of community member volunteers, who will have the opportunity to interview candidates and provide TransPonder leadership with direct feedback and recommendations. The application went live on 1/24/21 and closed 3/31/21. All applicants are engaged in the process.

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