HIV Alliance Injection Supply Delivery Program

dark blue background with a white border. A syringe icon sits in the center. At the corners are two map icons, one with TransPonder's icon and one with a house icon. "FREE DELIVERY" is at the bottom.EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD AREA ONLY: HIV Alliance and TransPonder offer injection supply delivery services for those with financial needs and/or transportation issues.

Orders must be placed by Tuesday at 5 p.m. for Thursday delivery, or they will be bumped to the following week. A TransPonder delivery driver will drop off requested supplies via no-contact delivery on Thursdays at no specific time.

If you live outside the delivery boundary or can’t have supplies delivered to you, you can pick up injection supplies at the Queer Resource Center (1185 Arthur St.). You can also drop off used sharps containers with us and/or with HIV Alliance. Contact us for our hours; contact HIV Alliance for their syringe exchange service hours.

Please email if you have questions.

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