Meet Our Staff

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A dark background. In the foreground, Kyle is sitting in a chair, wearing jeans and a jacket.

Kyle Rodriguez-Hudson, MBA, LPC
Executive Director

Kyle is queer, trans, a parent, and a licensed clinician in Eugene, who specializes in working with BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities in crisis. Kyle utilizes trauma-informed care to meet people where they are at and to ensure the marginalized and disenfranchised are represented in the most humbling way possible. A proud Chicagoan, Kyle earned his BA in Psychology at Northeastern Illinois University, a MA in Community Counseling at Argosy University, and a MBA at Concordia University. He is a member of WPATH and a board member of HIV Alliance.

Mackenzi in an earth-toned cardigan and glasses. A pothos plant is spread out in the background

Mackenzie Rich, BA
Executive Assistant

Mackenzie has lived in Oregon most of her life and enjoys working for her LGBTQIA+ community here. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Fine Art and previous experience working in the medical field. In her free time, Mackenzie loves to read, garden, and cook.

Antonio with a pastel-green button-down shirt. Background is blurred image of green leaves.

Antonio Huerta
Regional Health Equity Coalition Manager

Habla Español.

Antonio was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. He lived in San Diego for many years and in 2010 moved to Oregon where he now calls home. Antonio has worked in immigration advocacy, health equity, educational outreach, and in the non-profit sector. Antonio enjoys spending time out of doors; running, biking, and hiking; he also enjoys sharing about the Charreria tradition and giving back to his community.

Juliet in a pastel violet button down and a green scarf. She has short brown hair and light skin.

Juliet Rutter, MS, GC
Regional Health Equity Coalition Coordinator

Juliet is agender, queer, neo-pagan, and driven by a passion to improve the lives of marginalized people especially in rural areas. As a third generation resident of Douglas County, they have sought ways to connect people and develop systems that are more effective and efficient in a rural setting. Through years of study in performing arts and community development, culminating in a MS in Arts Administration and a GC in Nonprofit Management, Juliet has come to deeply appreciate creative, collaborative, and community driven initiatives that lead to long term success.

Outside of work, Juliet volunteers as the Board Vice President of Umpqua Valley Rainbow Collective, an Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Interface trainer, and as a Commissioner for the Roseburg City Library. They also play TTRPGs with friends, and consume tons of edutainment around biology, zoology, equity work, intersectional and multicultural history, mythology, physics, and chemistry.

Ben is wearing a leather jacket and a baby blue lanyard. In the background is a houseplant and a painting.

Ben Lilley, BS
Programs & Communications Director

Ben is a trans man who was born in Eugene. In 2007, he graduated with a BS from PSU—which he mostly uses to contemplate how we can achieve a civilization more closely aligned with Star Trek. With over a decade’s experience in communications and event planning, Ben has worked for Fortune 500 companies, local artists, nonprofits, and government agencies. He’s been involved with Transponder since 2017. When not working, Ben spends his time playing RPGs, reading LGBTQIA literature, and searching for a decent gluten free donut.

In a background of blurry green, Gina's wearing a brown sweater.

Gina Young, MSW, QMHP-R
Behavioral Health Programs Manager

Gina moved to Oregon in 2022 and enjoys experiencing new people and places through her travels. Gina has a Master of Social Work from the University of Houston and a BS in Sociology from Texas Woman’s University. She has spent years volunteering and working with diverse communities, specializing in crisis intervention for LGBTQIA+ and underserved populations. Gina has a passion for nature, animals, and spontaneous adventures.

Marlie, in a blue sweater and black jacket, smiling.

Marlie Heberling, BS
Development Manager

Marlie has been working in the nonprofit industry for over a decade and has had the opportunity to work with a variety of organizations that support their community through social services and youth outreach. After moving to Eugene from San Jose, CA in 2018, Marlie found a deep sense of connection by joining the Eugene Pride planning team. She has served as the Marketing Coordinator since 2019 and a Vice-President on the Board since 2021. As a genderqueer person, Marlie is thrilled to be a part of the TransPonder team and to support the life-changing work they do for the trans/gender-diverse community.

Sara, smiling with curly black hair pulled back by a headband. She's wearing a maroon shirt.

Sara Summers, MS
DEI & Outreach Manager

Sara is a multi-racial Gemini who moved to Oregon in 2014 from the sun’s surface, also known as Tucson, Arizona. She has facilitated training in diversity, equity, inclusion, and race for higher education and women’s rights. Sara enjoys reading all the books, attempting to knit, and the beach.

City in the background with a hazy sky. Andrew is wearing a flannel and smiling.

Andrew Horan, QMHA
Training & Outreach Specialist

Andrew is a Latino born in the Midwest, who moved to Oregon in 2012. He worked in mental health as a skills trainer for a decade and has also volunteered with multiple queer organizations. Andrew likes to play games and dance like no one is watching.

Randall, smiling with glasses. Wearing a dark jacket, a floral tie, a white button down, and glasses.

Randall Brock, BA, AAS
Data & IT Specialist

Randall moved to Oregon in 2006 from Indiana. He has a Bachelor of Arts, and a Associates in Computer Networking and Security. When not working, Rand enjoys tabletop gaming and cuddling with his Bichon Frisé, Julius.