Meet Our Staff

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A dark background. In the foreground, Kyle is sitting in a chair, wearing jeans and a jacket.

Kyle Rodriguez-Hudson, MBA, LPC
Executive Director

Antonio with a pastel-green button-down shirt. Background is blurred image of green leaves.

Antonio Huerta
Regional Health Equity Coalition Manager

Habla Español.

Juliet in a pastel violet button down and a green scarf. She has short brown hair and light skin.

Juliet Rutter, MS, GC
Regional Health Equity Coalition Coordinator

Ben is wearing a leather jacket and a baby blue lanyard. In the background is a houseplant and a painting.

Ben Lilley, BS
Program Director

jack's wearing a blue t shirt and resting his head on his jaw. There's a white and black cat on his shoulder.

Jack Flukinger, BA
Resource Manager

Habla Español.

A portrait of Brynn, with light skin and hair, and wearing piercings.

Brynn Devereux, PSS, CRM, CADC-R
Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Peer Support Specialist

Sara, smiling with curly black hair pulled back by a headband. She's wearing a maroon shirt.

Sara Summers, MS
DEI & Outreach Manager

City in the background with a hazy sky. Andrew is wearing a flannel and smiling.

Andrew Horan, QMHA
Training & Outreach Specialist

Melrose in a pose with arms out, wearing a long, flowing blue dress. Her long blonde hair is swept to one side. Dark black background.

Melrose Mask, PSS
CDC Outreach Coordinator

Marlie, in a blue sweater and black jacket, smiling.

Marlie Heberling, BS
Development Manager

black and white portrait of Mirranda. She has long hair with bangs, light skin, and is wearing a dark shirt.

Mirranda Riley, PhD
Grant Manager

Randall, smiling with glasses. Wearing a dark jacket, a floral tie, a white button down, and glasses.

Randall Brock, BA, AAS
Data & IT Specialist