Transgender Education & Awareness Services

TransPonder logo with a silhouette of a trans symbol and a rainbow stick person in the middle.

TransPonder created Transgender Education and Awareness Services (TEAS) to fulfill our commitment to educate the community at large.

Transgender people are a part of all communities, and our work is always intersectional. True positive change for the transgender community is created through:

  1. supporting personal efficacy from within the trans/gender diverse community
  2. supporting institutional systemic change in the broader community through consultation, training, and education delivered by the community

At TransPonder, we have learned during our time of providing training across the state of Oregon to a broad spectrum of communities and organizations that continuous training practices help foster actual systemic change and create a harmonious and inclusive environment.

Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of this work or ready to build on a foundation, TransPonder TEAS services are designed to best suit organizations in supporting institutional and systemic change.

Please complete our Request a Training Form and the TEAS education team will reach out to you to schedule an initial education consultation.

Purchasing training through TransPonder supports culture change in your organization, and also directly supports the local trans/gender-diverse community.

Whether this is the first step, or you are already moving along the path, we have options to support you!

Examples of TEAS Services

  • Organizational assessment, recommendations, and support in implementing recommendations
  • Listening sessions to understand organizational culture and assess next steps
  • Examining trans/gender-diverse and LGBQIA+ unconscious bias
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Consulting hours to support situations as they arise
  • In depth evaluation of internal and external policies and procedures, benefit packages, paperwork, phone scripts, customer service practices,
  • facilities/site reviews
  • Provide support to bridge grievances between LGBTQIA+ staff and leadership
  • Educational sessions with topics that may include:
  • Terms and definitions
  • Intersectional cultural awareness review
  • Examining gender and its implications for everyone
  • Entry level advocacy — Why language matters: practical application tools for affirming gender and creating safer spaces
  • Navigating pronouns/misgendering
  • Trans/Gender specific microaggressions injuries and healing
  • How to be an ally even when a trans person isn’t in the room
  • How to affect systemic change: removing foundational/institutional barriers to access
  • Recommendations for generalized policy/procedure infrastructure changes
  • How to create community connections and trust
  • Allyship into action

To begin the process of trans/gender-diverse support and inclusion within your organization, click the button below!

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