Our Behavioral Health Services

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Resource Navigation

TransPonder has a resource navigator to support our trans/gender-diverse community in accessing care. Our resource navigator is available to help folks access mental and physical health resources and engage folks in our free programs, such as our gender affirming product voucher program or our injection supplies program. Our resource navigator can also help with legal documentation changes and provide education and skills training.

Gender-affirming support letters

Our behavioral health team can write mental health support letters for gender-affirming hormone therapy and surgery. For ages teen and older. Contact us for details.

Queer Group Therapy

We’re not taking intakes for this group at this time. We’ll update this page when we are taking referrals again.

We have a trans-friendly queer therapy group for people with mental health and substance use disorders, and/or people with interest in improving their overall wellness, ages 18+. With group therapy, participants will also receive:

    • assessments,
    • case management,
    • access to resources and programs to help folks on their journey.
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Queer Resource Center

a blue-green one-story house with a couple trees in the front yard.

The Queer Resource Center is located at 1185 Arthur St. in Eugene. It was created by HIV Alliance and TransPonder to deepen our partnership and our commitment to providing care to the LGBTQIA community, especially the transgender and gender diverse community. Together, we provide these services:

  • FREE harm reduction supplies
    • needles, syringes, alcohol wipes, and sharps containers
    • Narcan (nasal Naloxone)
  • FREE STI testing
    • HIV, Hep C, and syphilis
    • Email dburkett@alliance.org or call 541-357-9605
  • Behavioral Health
    • Resource navigation
    • Peer support
    • Case management
    • Group therapy
  • Gender affirming products
    • binders, bras, wigs, lashes

Meet the Behavioral Health Team

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In a background of blurry green, Gina's wearing a brown sweater. She has long red hair and light skin.

Gina Young, LCSW
Behavioral Health Programs Manager

Mackenzi in an earth-toned cardigan and glasses. A pothos plant is spread out in the background. She has light skin and her long brown hair is pulled back.

Mackenzie Rich, BA
Resource Navigator

Questions? Leave a message for us at ‪541-321-0872‬ or at wellness@transponder.community.