As You Like It Gender Affirming Product Vouchers

Flower frame with AYLI and TransPonder logos.TransPonder is partnering with As You Like It to provide gender affirming product vouchers to trans/gender diverse Oregonians with a financial need for these products. The voucher is only able to be redeemed at As You Like It’s Eugene, OR location.

This program is for people of all ages, though no one under 18 is allowed inside of AYLI. A guardian can get your purchase for you, and AYLI Eugene is setting up an age-appropriate shop in their event space that will be accessible to folks 14-17 without a guardian. Younger folks will still need a guardian. Please call them for more information. You must also call to schedule shopping hours during COVID-19.

Eugene location phone: (541)606-0553

Interested in signing up for the program?

First step is to fill out the form (CLICK HERE). Then we will email you back.

👕 Vouchers can be used for gender affirming products including gaffs, binders, breast forms, nipples, bras, packers, clothing, and books.

🎩 You will receive a voucher after we receive your request. You must provide this to AYLI. 

👗 There is a limit of $100 per person. If your purchase is over that you are welcome to use the voucher and your funds to pay the rest.

👙 It’s fine if you do not spend all of the $100. This program has very limited funding and if there’s any money left over, we can use that to support more people.

Please email with questions.

Here is the form:

Ways you can give

You can donate to this program by visiting our donation page and writing in the note that you’d like your money to support our AYLI clothing voucher program.

Thank you!