About Us

TransPonder is a grassroots, completely transgender founded and led nonprofit based in Eugene, Oregon. It provides support, resources, and education for the trans/gender diverse community and its allies.

TransPonder offers several monthly meetings, special events for trans/gender diverse folks and allies, inclusivity trainings, and consultation services to professional organizations and businesses.

TransPonder’s vision and commitment is to:

    • Address root causes of discrimination in the trans/gender diverse community through an intersectional social justice lens
    • Acknowledge the existence and harm caused by systemic racism and dismantle white supremacy within and outside of our organization.
    • Increase allyship and accomplices in the broader community through relationship building and education
    • Foster leadership and skill building opportunities within the trans/gender diverse community across generations
    • Promote access to health by fostering expertise in mental, physical, and spiritual healing communities
    • Network with legal counsel knowledgeable about the trans/gender diverse community
    • Provide resource navigation support to address economic inequities, food and housing insecurity, medical and employment discrimination

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