Emz Avalos

A picture of Emz in a pink shirt with long brown curly hair. She is smiling

Emz Avalos, BS
Interim Executive Director

Emz Avalos, also known as Emma, is a dynamic individual whose journey from Mexico to the United States at age 11 has shaped her into a passionate advocate for community empowerment and social justice. Raised in Los Angeles and proud to call Eugene, Oregon, her home since 2014, Emz brings a wealth of cultural richness and diverse experiences to her work.

As a mother of two and a transgender woman, Emz embodies resilience, compassion, and authenticity in her personal and professional endeavors. With nearly a decade of experience in organizational development and structure, Emz has honed her leadership, project management, and community engagement skills, driving positive change and fostering inclusivity.

Since joining TransPonder in 2015, Emz has been a dedicated member of the organization, serving in various capacities, including treasurer. Through her involvement, Emz advocates for equity, representation, and empowerment, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and championing diversity and inclusion.

In her spare time, Emz enjoys immersing herself in nature, restoring cars, and embracing her community’s vibrant cultural tapestry. With a vision for a more inclusive and equitable world, Emz continues to make waves of positive change, one playful approach at a time. She believes every individual’s story contributes to the vibrant tapestry of success and belonging.