Juliet Rutter

Juliet in a pastel violet button down and a green scarf. She has short brown hair and light skin.Juliet Rutter, MS, GC
Regional Health Equity Coalition Coordinator

Juliet is agender, queer, neo-pagan, and driven by a passion to improve the lives of marginalized people especially in rural areas. As a third generation resident of Douglas County, they have sought ways to connect people and develop systems that are more effective and efficient in a rural setting. Through years of study in performing arts and community development, culminating in a MS in Arts Administration and a GC in Nonprofit Management, Juliet has come to deeply appreciate creative, collaborative, and community driven initiatives that lead to long term success.

Outside of work, Juliet volunteers as the Board Vice President of Umpqua Valley Rainbow Collective, an Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Interface trainer, and as a Commissioner for the Roseburg City Library. They also play TTRPGs with friends, and consume tons of edutainment around biology, zoology, equity work, intersectional and multicultural history, mythology, physics, and chemistry.