Anti Semitic & Anti Trans Pamphlets

Hey TransPonder family,

We sent a communication around the anti-Semitic and anti-trans flyers that were distributed in the Eugene area to private residences. We wanted to give y’all more information and to use this space to let you know how to report a bias and hate crime locally and statewide.

Please see this form to report a bias and hate crime if you live in Eugene:

Please see this website to report a bias and hate crime if you live outside of Eugene:

Oregon Bias Response Hotline

1-844-924-BIAS (2427) is the non-emergency reporting hotline, M-F 9a-5p

Interpretation in 240+ languages

They Accept All Relay Calls

Report Online at

It’s an imperative that we, as a community, are quick to report bias and hate crimes. This data is used to affect policy, funding, and spreads awareness about the issues we’re facing here in Oregon.

Updated Information

The Oregon Department of Justice would also like us to share this report. It shows the relationship between conspiracy theories like the ones GDL are spreading and direct violence on Jewish people.

Additionally, AP news wrote a story about the report here.

Our Support Groups

TransPonder has five support groups that meet regularly, a book club, and a yoga class listed on our website. We also share groups other organizations host. Please reach out to us for information, including links, at