Emergence & TransPonder are Hiring!

TransPonder is starting a new program called Transilient! We’re working on offering mental health support services, harm reduction and abstinence addiction recovery, medication-assisted treatment, peer support, resource navigation, neurofeedback, psychiatric medication management, and a part-time primary care doctor.

Emergence is Hiring

The program currently has two job openings at Emergence Addiction and Behavioral Therapies, which is doing the hiring of these positions and will incubate this program until TransPonder is able to bill insurance and take it over.

[EMERGENCE] Transilient Peer Support:


[EMERGENCE] Transilient Mental Health Therapist:


TransPonder is Hiring

TransPonder still has our behavioral health therapist position open on our website as well. This position will be working on certifying TransPonder so we can bill insurance and take over the Transilient program.

[TRANSPONDER] Behavioral Health Therapist:


For any questions about the Emergence positions, please contact Emergence. For any questions about the behavioral health therapist position on TransPonder’s website, please email apply@transponder.community.