City of Eugene: Youth and Teen Empowerment Program (YTEP)

Event Details

This event finished on 15 June 2023

What: Drop-in activities, food, music, art, games, etc.
Where: Washington Park Center
When: Monday through Thursday @ 5-9p
Who: Ages 12-19

Involving teens in all aspects of program development is one of the ways we define empowerment. Brainstorming, and scheduling activities for fall will be part of the many fun and exciting activities taking place at Teens In Power. Cooking classes and food to share, yoga, music, crafts, chess, classes, jobs, resources, dance, friendships, video games, movies, kayaking, rafting, tools for health and wellbeing, button machine, painting and art supplies, sports, games, etc. Choose your own adventure!

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Contact for more information

Youth & Teen Empowerment Program Supervisor
Freeda Burnstad
Ph: 541-682-5370