Eugene Schools: Group for Parents of LGBTQIA+ Students

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This event is running from 21 February 2023 until 16 May 2023. It is next occurring on March 21, 2023 6:00 pm

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What: Parent group for parents of LGBTQIA+ students
Where: Sheldon High School Library
When: Third Tuesday @ 6p
Who: parents of LGBTQIA+ students

This group is for parents of students of all ages in Eugene schools. Please join them for:

  • safe space for support & community
  • education regarding LGBTQ+ youth issues
  • education regarding LGBTQ+ student rights
  • exposure to school & community resources
  • advocation for LGBTQ+ student inclusive schools in unity
    with other parents

Please contact Lisa in advance if  you need childcare and it will be provided: (541)517-4775