Gender Diverse Yoga Class

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This event is running from 10 July 2019 until 31 December 2025. It is next occurring on May 29, 2024 7:00 pm

  • Venue: Sheldon Community Center
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No yoga June 19!

What: Yoga class
When: Wednesdays @ 7p (see details on this page for full schedule)
Who: Trans/gender diverse folks, 13+
Where: In person (Sheldon Community Center) and virtual (Google Meet)

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How to get to the class

We are now offering yoga in person and virtually (streaming). Please meet us at Sheldon Community Center (2445 Willakenzie Rd, Eugene) to join us in person. There is a parking lot available. We’re in the Hazelnut Room. We have mats, straps, bands, chairs, and blocks. To join us virtually, please log in to Google Meet at least 5 min before class starts so our instructor doesn’t have to attend to their device during the class. Please mute your mic upon login to reduce audio feedback.

Queer Family Yoga meets at 6p

About the class

FREE No prior yoga experience is required All ages/bodies/abilities/experience levels welcome

⚛ To be in a home in your body is a human right and an immense gift and privilege.
⚛ To move in a way that feels seen and supported.
⚛ To feel your breath and down-regulate your nervous system.
⚛ We are here to support you and your path to wellness.

We recognize that the Asanas are only ONE facet of yogic practice. We are grateful for the opportunity to explore our mind-body connection in a space that endeavors to support our gender-diverse community, as many of us within the community have challenged relationships with this connection.

This class is possible by a grant from Comunidad y Herencia Cultural and Eugene Arte Latino, and a partnership with the City of Eugene.

Our instructors

Tara, wearing earth-tone clothing in a field.Tara Rin Burke


A non-binary genderqueer who loves movement as a way of reconnecting back to their essential nature. Tara has over 500 hours of yoga training and has been teaching locally and online since 2012. Tara is advocating deeply for somatics and movement through yoga as a way to regulate our nervous systems and be in relationship with beyond the binary belonging to the body’s wisdom. They love offering movement through the seasons and are always open to feedback on ways to make the space more inclusive and supportive for our wonderful trans and gender-diverse community.

Can’t make it?

Click here for our yoga video recordings