TransPonder Request Forms

Here is a list of TransPonder’s resource request forms. Fill out the form you need for the select resources.

As You Like It Voucher Form

TransPonder is partnering with As You Like It to provide vouchers for gender affirming products for trans/gender diverse people in the Eugene/Springfield area.

HIV Alliance Hormone Injection Delivery Form

Due to COVID, HIV Alliance is partnering with TransPonder to provide free hormone injection supply delivery to those in need in the Eugene/Springfield area.

TransPonder Book Club Book Request Form

TransPonder is providing free physical or audio copies of the books we are reading in our book club to those who cannot afford to buy the book of the month but still want to participate.

TransPonder/MECCA Pride Art Kit Form

Due to COVID, MECCA in Eugene is partnering with TransPonder to provide free art kits that can be delivered to your door. These can be for personal use, or you can share your art with us!