White Bird Clinic 24-hour crisis support

24-hr crisis intervention service. Services include phone and walk-in support for crisis intervention, mental health information and referral, and transportation assistance for people with mental health-related disabilities. Crisis services are open to individuals, couples, families, and groups. White Bird Crisis Services are part of 15th Night, a community-wide partnership that helps more than 480 of our Bethel-Eugene 4J students who are navigating school and life alone, without a permanent place to spend the night. 541-687-4000/1-800-422-7558.

For our CAHOOTS mobile crisis services, call the police non-emergency numbers 541-726-3714 (Springfield) and 541-682-5111 (Eugene). https://whitebirdclinic.org/crisis
341 E 12th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97401